Maildrop Service

MU MAJU MAILDROP SERVICES was formed in the year 2000. Besides that, we are specializing in the flyer distribution.

Flyer Distribution or maildrop also know as leaflets distribution service, is a service that your adv flyer or brochures will be sent from houses to houses, or door to door delivery.

Moreover, we are here not only to offer our service by sending just your flyers, brochures, catalogues, magazines, and even sample of products to every houses, flats, apartments, offices and even commercial areas letterboxes.

Furthermore, to date the company has grown steadily. As one of the upcoming leading company in Malaysia with this growing market, we offer customer the most comprehensive service of flyer distribution to whole of Klang Valley.

Our Services

We provide one-stop service to our customer and reliable distribution service to our customers without out-sourcing. Moreover, currently we have 12 Team Members with 38 foreign and local workers. For more effective and efficiency we have 6 Vans on rounds.

 Door to Door Flyer Distribution    Face to Face Hand Distribution       House to House Mailboxes


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Apartment, Flat & Condominium Post Box Distribution


Mission Statements

Being the Malaysia Flyer Distributor, a Flyer Distribution Service company and Mail Drop Service company in Malaysia, we are honored to offer our Maildrop and Leaflet Distribution Services, Flyer Distribution Services and Mail Drop Services to companies from small enterprises to multi-national companies as the leader in the market.

Next, vigorous competitions in this rapidly transforming industry calls for the crucial need of commitment. Our ability to stand the test of time is unwaveringly built on our rooted commitments to you.


We provide reliable distribution service to our customers around Klang Valley and Outstation with a very reasonable price. The price depends on the quantity as well as the paper size. In addition, we provide Distribution Reports / SMS 3 times a day to our customers in order to keep track the distribution areas requested.

Besides that, form more effectiveness we also apply 3G Mobile Technology to monitor our distribution process. We also welcome our customers checking within 24 hours after distribution.

Thus, we believe that our value added new services would meet our customer’s requirements, and we are also sincerely looking forward to develop a long term business partner relationship with you and our customers. Till now, there are over 300 corporations and enterprises who are our regular customers.

Furthermore, we have listed down the benefits to be a business partner of MU MAJU MAILDROP SERVICES. Sincerely we are looking forward to build a favorable business partnership with you.

For further assistance, you may phone us at +6019-985 4128 (Azeez), +6012-303 4211 (Rosnah) or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .